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When you have to take a urine test, one of the most important things is making sure the sample you hand in it at the right temperature.

If you rely on organic heat pads (the ones you remove from plastic and shake) then you are taking a risk you shouldn't be taking.

That is why The Urinator urine testing device was invented. It will maintain correct testing temperature for at least 4 hours on one set of Duracell batteries

The Urinator was the first substitution device on the market (1998). It was around years before the proesthetic penis's and the urine belts (which all use unreliable organic heat pads).

Our Dr. Johns Famous Pee Pee was also the first liquid urine on the market (since 1999). We make it right the first time, it has NEVER been re-formulated and has always contained urea and uric acid (and quite a few other things no other product has).

If you have EVER bought a concentrated urine sample under a name for a urine test other than Dr. Johns Famous Pee Pee then then there is a 99 percent chance is was manufactured my us. Then re-marketed under various other names.

Dr. Johns Famous Pee Pee has the best track record in the industry.... period !

The Urinator


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The Urinator is very easy to use. It is very important that you practice at home, READ THE MANUAL and feel comfortable before using it in a testing situation.

1. Use the provided syringe and fill the fluid bag with approximately 80 ml of warm water or warm clean urine.

2. Remove as much air from the bag as possible and screw cap back on the end of the tube.

3. Attach your two Duracell 9-volt batteries and fold fabric shut, making sure to secure the ends.

4. Once your temperature indicator on the bag is reading 98 to 100 you are ready to give your sample.